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THE OXFORD PROGRAMTM   More than just testing!

Here's what you'll get when you join:


"Multiple, Hand-Picked Tests"

Your membership into the Oxford Program includes not just one, but several sets of testing. But these are not the old, relatively useless tests you may have taken in the past.

In fact, the falsifying-resistant testing is so complete it incorporates personality type, interests, innate disposition, personal style, transferable skills, aptitudes, basic skills, career areas, career pathways, earnings, education, training and work experience, future outlook and employment, general workplace skills, physical abilities, physical demands, work conditions, work hours and travel, and work values.

8 separate assessments including...

  • one that measures how well you really match your present career

  • one that tells you what occupations fit your personality type

  • one that tells you what occupations fit your interest patterns

  • one that helps you understand your innate disposition and recommends careers

  • one that surveys your top skills and recommends careers

  • one that assesses your most critical workplace values

  • one of my own tools (Person-Environment MatchTM) that recommends careers for you based on all major domains (skills, interests, and values) combined

The combination of these tests means...

  • You will get a more complete, clearer picture of your nature and the type of environment that fits you like a glove.

  • You will have the true understanding of why you are not content or as successful as you'd like to be and how you need to change things to be as happy as you deserve to be.

  • You will receive career recommendations that fit the real you, not some stereotype. 

  • You will have more accurate options to consider.   

"Expert Advice - Even Tiger Woods Has A Coach!"

The Oxford Program is not about taking some quizzes and being told you should be a funeral director. You have so many questions that need answers. You don't want to get started down some path and end up with more questions than you started with. Fortunately for you, you have me. I am someone who has "been there", discovered some critical strategies, and who does care that you succeed. As a private member, you will...

  • Have unlimited, quick access to me, Steve Bohler (click here to read about me).

  • Get personal, professional, quick responses to your questions.

  • Learn from the experience of someone who has "been in your shoes".

  • Have greater confidence that you are on track and on the path to achieving your dreams.

  • Spend less money on ineffectual steps.

  • Be highly motivated by a natural coach who will not let you quit until you are one of the 5%!

"A System 10+ Years In The Making That Actually Works"

Here is where the real progress lies. Everything you can do within the Oxford Program is tied to the structure, guidelines, exercises, and information that I have put in place that have a long history of generating discoveries and breakthroughs with people just like you. The sole focus of this in-depth and complete system is to affect real change--to get you off your butt and into a new career. 

This methodology will ensure that...

  • You are guided, step-by-step.

  • You have a significantly higher probability of achieving life-changing results.

  • You will make immediate strides towards your goals at a very efficient and effective pace.

"Career Recommendations"

You have some ideas but you want answers. You also want an outside opinion. For many, this is what you're here for. Fortunately, you'll get even more than you expect, including...

Career recommendations coming from:

  • 6 separate assessments

  • The coach

  • The OP Network of members

"Unparalleled Career Information"

Information is absolutely critical. The Oxford Program contains access to tons of career data, including my lists of alternative careers and my career reviews. The program facilitates...

  • Access to data on careers covering over 90% of today's jobs.

  • Confidence that you really know what a career is like before you seriously consider it.

  • Confidence that you know everything out there that is available to you.

"You'll Have The Collective Wisdom Of A Community"

Ever think you're the only person going through this? You're not.   Not only can you tap into my years of expertise and my support for you, you can learn from the collective wisdom of others in the Oxford Program Network. If you're an accountant, wouldn't it help to hear from other ex-accountants how they made a change? Your membership in and access to this community will make certain that...

  • You will discover more unique options and opportunities.

  • You will know that you are not alone and have confidence that you, too, will get what you want.

  • You will learn from the experience of others in your place.

"Assistance That Fits You And Your Situation"

You are not a personality type or a stereotype or a demographic or a number. You have unique needs, a unique personality, and unique requirements in terms of salary, location, etc. The Oxford Program is not a computerized program or a machine. It's about making sure that you join the 5% who are not bored and are not lost and are not frustrated with their work lives. It means that...

  • This is NOT a one-size-fits all approach.

  • The experience you have in the program will fit you and your situation.

  • The results, information, and advice will be more accurate and reliable.

  • You will have greater confidence that you are getting on the "right" track.

  • You will have a profoundly higher chance of achieving what you want.

"Tips And Strategies based on Real-Life Success Stories"

As a member of the Oxford Program, you will get a whole series of bonus tips and strategies. These are sets of information you aren't likely to find anywhere else. This is because most people in this business have not actually been in the role their clients are in and haven't passionately studied the concept of achieving job satisfaction. These tips and strategies will help...

  • Teach you what it took me over 20 years to learn.

  • Overcome any road-blocks and help guarantee that you become one of the 5% who says "Thank Goodness It's Monday"

This information alone is a major advantage.

"Flexible...To Fit YOU and YOUR Schedule"

I've created the Oxford Program on the Web to allow you the greatest amount of flexibility and confidentiality and to make it more useful and effective. This format makes sure that...

  • Morning, noon, or night, the program is available to you.

  • You can be as anonymous or open as you'd like.

  • You can interact as much or as little as you'd like.

  • You can choose whatever aspects of the program you'd like.

  • Other activities, such as being with your family, will not suffer because of scheduled times.

"Faster Answers"

You don't have to work hard and pay excessive amounts of money to get fast, immediate feedback. You just need to work smart and pick the best assistance. You will be amazed at the discoveries and growth you experience from the first day. This is because the unique format and nature of the Oxford Program are 100% designed to...

  • Get you moving in a new direction from the get-go.

  • Answer your most critical questions while you have them in your head.

  • Ensure that progress is immediate.

  • Guarantee that optimism is right around the corner.

Current members are asking questions like:

  • What career options exist that I'd love AND pay me what I currently make?

  • Should I become a trial lawyer or real estate attorney?

  • I'm sick of being an accountant. How can I get out?

  • What should I be "when I grow up"?

  • Which suits me better, a career in management or technology?

  • What options would my current set of skills transfer to?

  • What are the job prospects for psychologists these days?

  • What is it really like to be a college professor?

  • Should I become an entrepreneur?

  • Do I really need to start over or can I salvage my present career?

"A Solution You Know Will Help"

9 out of 10 of these graduates have given the Oxford Program two enthusiastic thumbs up. So...

  • You can feel confident that you are part of a growing wave of folks who are brave enough to stand up for and achieve the kind of life the other 95% only dream about.

  • You realize that what worked for others can work for you.

  • You know that no matter how stuck you feel right now, there is real hope.

In a step-by-step process, you will be able to...
  • Take a test and learn how well you really match your present career and what would need to change.

  • Take a test and learn what occupations fit your personality type.

  • Take a test and learn what occupations fit your interest patterns.

  • Take an assessment and learn what your innate disposition is and careers that match it.

  • Take an assessment and learn what your top skills are and careers that fit them.

  • See what careers are available given your past work experience.

  • Use my specially-designed Person-Environment MatchTM system to learn what occupations match your top values, interests, skills, and financial needs combined.

  • Know which resources will provide you with the best and most accurate information about careers.

  • Know how to find jobs in a given profession in your area.

  • Know which jobs and careers have the brightest employment outlook for the future.

  • Learn what your decision-making style is and how to overcome any doubts.

  • See what your dream careers have in common and how that points to what you need to do.

  • Learn if you are “job satisfaction” challenged and what to do about it.

  • Understand your “role in life”.

  • Learn of interesting and well-suited jobs for people without a college education.

  • Understand clearly what your minimal requirements for a career are (so you know you’ll be happy in the next career).

  • See in black-and-white what your preferred and most natural work functions are.

  • Delve into your “inner” interests and the industries that attract you the most.

  • Finally understand the true reasons you are not content in and do not fit your job.

  • Have your test results interpreted by an expert career coach.

  • Receive career recommendations coming from the community.

  • Have access to data on careers covering over 90% of today’s jobs!

  • Communicate with other people that had been in your position and find out how they got out.

  • Understand what your “assets” are and how they can be used to find a career with meaning and that you’d be successful at.

  • Discover careers that leverage your “assets”.

  • Discover careers that match your interests.

  • Discover careers based on your hobbies.

  • Explore entrepreneurial options that fit you.

  • See a profile of your ideal work environment, including manager, organization, office, hours, and much more.

  • Develop a vision statement outlining how you want your life to be 5 years from now.

  • Learn of the most "meaningful" careers.

  • Determine whether you really do need to start over or if it's better to just "shape" your present career.

  • Know you want your life to be 5 years from now and what needs to be in place for you to be happy with your decisions.

  • Uncover your hidden interests and passions.

  • Diagnose those experiences in your life that you can leverage to be better than 95% of the population in certain careers.

    And much more...

You are only 5 minutes away from the beginning of being powerfully optimistic about your career, your life, and your future.  The Oxford Program is flexible and it's guaranteed

Implemented primarily on the Web, you decide when, where and how often you use the Oxford Program. From home or from work, you begin uncovering answers from your very first day! 

You can find the satisfaction that the Oxford Program has helped countless others to find and discover just how effective this one-of-a-kind program is for yourself right now. Take the path of profound, life-changing and unexpected discoveries, confidence, decisions and success. Join the Oxford Program today.

"...really been worth the money"

"I have to hand it to Steve. This has really been worth the money. I have wasted a lot of time and money going through a lot of programs and what this program has done - not only with the testing, but with the explaining of the process really has gotten me thinking. My mind and my spirit are coming together and I am on my way to my dream life. Thanks!"

- Sam Kelley, Valparaiso, IN



"Thank you SO VERY MUCH"
"Thank you SO VERY MUCH for everything you have done for me the past few months! 

My life has turned into this amazing exciting adventure thanks to your program and, of course, YOU!
Tricia Greenleaf, Denver, CO

"A real breakthrough approach"

"The Oxford Program is a real breakthrough approach in helping people get out of the rat race and understand what they should REALLY be doing."
- Bruce Taylor, Camden, ME

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